Divorce application

What is the procedure of applying for a divorce?

Applying for separation and divorce takes place in Statsforvaltningen. If you agree on the terms of divorce and separation, you will usually be called to a meeting in Statsforvaltningen in order to find out whether everything is in order and that both spouses are aware of the consequences of the agreement.

You must usually agree on certain items:

  • is one spouse to maintain the other after the separation or divorce, and for how long?
  • who stays in your home, and who moves out?
  • does one of you have separate property? If so, a compensation to the other spouse may be found necessary.

Filing the application/divorce papers.

You must file the application with the local Statsforvaltning. There is a total of 5 of these administrative entities called Statsforvaltning in Denmark.
You can file the application electronically or print it to send by mail. You can find the forms on:
www. statsforvaltning.dk.

Remember that you are usually separated first. In a few instances you may be allowed to divorce immediately, see how under divorce.

If you cannot agree, the Statsforvaltning may be able to help you. However, many situations involve a great deal of disagreement and money. In this case one or both spouses will often hire a lawyer to take the matter to court.

Contact our lawyer specialising in divorces, Claus C. Hansen, to learn more and to know your rights in the event of a divorce or separation.