Registration of title – ask the expert lawyer

The expert lawyer gives you a clear view of the documents, when you buy your home.

When you buy your home, you are presented with many documents. The expert lawyer helps you through:

  • the purchase agreement is the legal document containing all the terms of the transaction
  • the structural survey report, which is not compulsory, contains a report made by a construction expert on the condition of the house/flat
  • the energy report, which is compulsory, is an assessment of the energy situation of the house/flat
  • the cooling-off stipulation is the document that enables you to regret the purchase
  • the deed of conveyance is the document that, by means of the registration in the municipality, registers you as the official owner
  • the completion statement is the final settlement of the transaction

How can the lawyer help you with the deed of conveyance, conveyancing and registration of title?

As home buyer it is usually you who must establish the deed of conveyance and have the document registered. The deed contains the terms agreed upon in the purchase agreement, although in a shorter wording. The purchase agreement remains a binding legal document.

The registration provides the legal security e.g. against the seller’s creditors. When you have paid the amount due for the property, you will subsequently receive the final deed. Registration may take a couple of weeks, even though we have recently had the opportunity of digital registration. For the moment registration unfortunately suffers from extensive delays due to the unsatisfactory function of the new digital registration system.

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