Maintenance payments to husband or wife

The mutual obligation to maintain one another ceases in the event of a divorce.
When married, the spouses have a mutual obligation to maintain one another. In case of a divorce or separation, this obligation ceases.
If one spouse has more money then the other, a maintenance payment will often in the event of a divorce be fixed. The legislation no longer stipulates a maintenance payment to the wife, as it may well be that it is the husband who is to be maintained by his wife.

The maintenance payment to a spouse can be complicated to fix.

Many factors have to be considered when fixing a maintenance payment. Can the spouses agree?
How big is the amount to be?*) How long shall a spouse pay maintenance payment? Who can alter the size of the amount or the duration of the payment period?
If the spouses agree on the terms, the agreement can be made in Statsforvaltningen (national administrative entity). If not, the matter will have to be taken to court.
As it is a complicated area, we recommend that you contact a lawyer, if the amount is sizeable. Our expert in separation and divorce is Claus C. Hansen.

*) You can have a directional calculation of the size of the maintenance payment and the child payment for 650 kr. inclusive of VAT.