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Division of property, children, home, and the law are important for your future.

divorce is a big decision that always results in a series of challenges. First and foremost the emotional challenges, but also the legal, financial, and practical questions. Can one of you stay in your home? Who is to move out? How to divide things and finances? – and where are the children going to live? If you have children, focus must be on their well-being. Agreements about custody, access, and child support must be established. Then comes the question of division of property. Values, debts, and assets must be assessed and divided, and all agreements must be specified in legal documents.

Your own divorce lawyer makes you feel safe.

Whether or not you agree on your divorce, each of you should have your own divorce lawyer. When choosing Advokathuset Bredgade, you get a lawyer who knows the process and procedure and takes you by the hand all along. Each divorce is individual, and a division takes time. Therefore, we do all that we can to give you a distinct picture and advise you thoroughly, so that you can make clear decisions at the right pace and in the right order of things. This will give you the peace and quiet you are going to need – not least in connection with a divorce.

CONTACT: Claus Christian Hansen, experienced advisor in matters of divorce and division of property.