Cohabitees – How to do it?

The legislation is not the same for cohabitees and married couples.

Division of property of cohabitees is not governed by legislation. Your legal position when the cohabitation ends will usually differ somewhat from your situation if you had been married.
In principle you take out whatever property that you brought into the relationship and whatever property you may have acquired during the cohabitation, but things are often different in real life, and most people share their money when cohabiting. It is best to agree, as the alternative is to have the problem solved in court.

The lawyer can help you get a clear picture of the division of property, when you are cohabitees.

As there is no over-all Danish legislation for unmarried cohabitees, it is necessary to have an advisor to keep track of the many acts that may become involved, when cohabitees split up. In many cases it may be a good idea to contact a lawyer to get a clear view of a situation that might seem muddled. Contact Claus C. Hansen, our lawyer specialising in division of property.