Your lawyer gives you security

A transfer insurance provides security, when you buy your home.

As homeowner it is important that you secure your home with the right insurances. First and foremost a transfer insurance, which you take out when buying a house, summer residence or terrace house. It covers, if defects occur that are not mentioned in the structural survey report.

Fire insurance and contents insurance.

Have you become a house owner, a fire insurance (house insurance) is compulsory, when the house is mortgaged. It is a good idea to get an overall view of the relevant optional insurances such as dry rot insurance. Whether you buy a house or a flat, you should take a look at your contents insurance, so that you are sure that the cover is sufficient.

The expert lawyer helps you get the right insurances.

Our expert lawyer with a wide knowledge of insurances for house owners, Martine L. Tox, helps you get an overall view of your insurances and choose the right insurances. When you have paid the expert lawyer, you will still have saved money, and you can feel safer in your new home.

Martine L. Tox has a colleague, Claus C. Hansen, who has been employed in the insurance business for many years and therefore has a thorough knowledge of the possibilities and pitfalls of insurance, which can be difficult to see through for the ordinary house buyer.